Why should you trust us?

screenshotIndia has 31 lac charities, yet we have 20cr people who sleep hungry everyday.
When people hear of online charities, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Another scam?’.Then, why should you trust us? How do we make this fool proof and give you complete assurance that your money is actually feeding someone?

Let us answer some questions and earn your trust.
How do I know who was fed, and what was fed?
Each time you donate to us, we will feed a child on your behalf, and send you his/her photo through a notification. You can see how much food was given and to whom was it given. We also share the location incase you want to visit the place and check yourself.

How do I know know you aren’t sharing the same photo to others?
When we send you the photo, we also list it publicly on App’s homepage, with your name. If you try it on another phone, you will see the exact same thing. The same photo, with your name. If you’ve not signed in, this will show as Guest user, so we encourage you to sign in.20161105_151309How do you know your kitchen didnt charge the kids for the meal?
The Kitchens we work with, work exclusively with Feedsomeone. They dont sell food at any time. The kitchens are branded with Free Food signs and we give a phone number where people can call, incase the Kitchen charges them anything.

How would you know if the kitchen feeds one child, and takes two photos?
We use facial recognition to remove any duplicate photos coming from a Kitchen. Incase there are any duplicate photos, our system rejects them and they arent sent to the user. Kitchens are only paid for unique photos.

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