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20 crore Indians sleep hungry – UN Report

India’s future depends on its food crisis today. Unless children are fed, they will not go to school & they will not build their future. Their future, is our future. While many charities work on this, a donor doesn’t ‘see’ the impact he’s had & therefore they don’t donate as much.

If we can connect 22 crore smartphone users to 20 crore hungry people, we can solve India’s hunger problem.

We need a product where people can donate easily & immediately ‘see’ the impact that they’ve had. Feedsomeone is that product.

Feedsomeone is a mobile first, 100% transparent charity. When you donate , we will feed a child & send his/her photo to you via email or notification. All this, within hours.

Preventing fraud at zero cost

To ensure zero fraud, we take multiple measures. 1) Food is distributed through associated schools & our own ‘Feedcarts’, which are stationed at the slums, & clearly mention that food is free 2) We use facial recognition & geo-tagging to ensure that the same child is not photographed multiple times, or that photos are not taken at any other place.

Our Team

We have a great team that works for free, tirelessly pursing a dream to feed 1 million children, everyday.

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