100% transparent

Get a photo of each child your donation has fed. See who was fed, where & what. Every penny delivered, 100% transparent.

Lowest ops cost

Charities spend 30%-60% of their funds on salaries etc. We use technologies to deliver the same monitoring at zero cost.

Feeding students

We feed children at charity schools which significantly increases attendance, thus solving hunger & education together.

Why Feedsomeone?

India has 3 crore NGO’s, yet 17 crore people sleep hungry. People have lost trust in charities because they feel that funds are misused. We felt the same way.

Thats why we started feedsomeone. A 100% transparent charity where you get visual proof of how your money was used. If you donated for 10 meals, we’ll send you 10 photos of children getting those meals, and even put that on blockchain.

We are on a mission to create a charity that can be trusted by 22 crore smartphone users, to feed 17 crore underpriviledged fellow citizens.

User Campaigns

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Our Team

We come from various successful careers & backgrounds, yet what we do through feedsomeone, gives us the deepest sense of success & purpose.

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